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Seize the DaySeize the Day

A National Christian Conference for Today’s YMCA

November 16-18, 2015

This conference archive is being built over the months of November and December of 2015.   Archived video streams of these main sessions and workshops will be put into place in order that you can have a “virtual conference experience” that you can watch again and share with others.

Our Story – The YMCA Christian Mission

One of the most requested resources has been the presentation that David Newman has put together called – “Our Story – The Christian Mission of the YMCA”.   These links below include a streamed version of David Newman presenting the material earlier this year along with three different formats (PDF, Powerpoint, Keynote) available for download.



Lisa Harper Storyteller, Theological Scholar, and Featured at “Women of Faith”

Rarely are the terms hilarious storyteller and theological scholar used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person, but Lisa Harper is anything but stereotypical! Lisa has been lauded as a gifted communicator and best-selling author with a style that combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit.

Jim Morgan Executive Chairman of the Board, Krispy Kreme, Inc.

Jim has more than 40 years of business experience, including serving as Chairman of the Board of Krispy Kreme since 2005.  Jim’s commitment to youth and education through many civic and charitable organizations, including 45 years as a Sunday School teacher, has given him leadership expertise that transcends the corporate business world.

James White Executive VP of Organizational Relations, YMCA of the Triangle – Raleigh, NC

James serves as Senior Vice President of Leadership Development for the YMCA of the Triangle and as the Pastor of Christ our King Community Church in Raleigh.  Before moving to Raleigh he served with Campus Crusade for Christ for 19 years. James is a gifted communicator with a passion to develop leaders that can influence lasting cultural change.






YMCA Mission Models

By Janele Nelson

Come discover four basic models of mission emphasis within a YMCA, who dive each model and what effective programming works with each. Working together these models can become a culture of spiritual engagement and Christian principles.


Mission and Leadership

By Angela Pregner

Calling all YMCA Leaders: It’s all about the Mission! This session will deepen your understanding of the power in the YMCA Mission and encourage you to answer the call of leadership. When Mission is personal you achieve results.


The Power in Community Partnerships

By Patricia Miller

Passionate about the collective impact model, we will discuss how it can be adapted at both the community and state level to maximize efficiency and drive partnership outcomes, while protecting the autonomy of the “C” in the Y mission.



Role of the YMCA Mission Emphasis Director

By Josh Heaston and Eric Ellsworth

Hear the perspective of a YMCA CEO on why and how this important position was started within the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis. Learn about the role of a YMCA Mission Emphasis Director and hear some practical ideas that you can implement.


Evangelism and Discipleship for the Next Generation

By Dave Rahn

Friends have stories worth discovering. God has a story for them and we have our own story.   This workshop will explore how authentic relationships work through the overlaps of these three stories to bring about God glorifying transformational change.



Togetherhood – Our Commitment to be the Brand

By Jamie Rasberry & Janet Reihle

When we work together, we move individuals, families and neighborhoods forward, creating stronger communities.   No matter how limited our financial resources, YMCAs have the power to create change through our most valuable resource – our members


Setting Aside Differences for the Good of the City

By Kevin Palau

Kevin will share the story of his friendship with former Portland Mayor Sam Adams, the first openly gay mayor of a top 30 US city. He will discuss his relationship with the LGBTQ community and how they found common ground around the good of the city.


Balancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Faith

By Doug Kohl & Chad Nico

We are called to serve. Imagine collaboration among civic, corporate and church leaders.   Learn how people of faith are partnering with people of good will to do great things in their communities, fulfilling our commitment to diversity and inclusion..



Lessons From John R. Mott – YMCA Legendary Leader

By Tracy Howe

Following fifty years of work with the YMCAs in the early 1990s, John R. Mott summed up all he’d learned in 15 basic statements for success in life and work.   Rediscover his practical leadership lessons which are still applicable for today.


Teaching Christian Principles in Your Y

By Bob Reichen

Our history and heritage were founded on Christian beliefs and our mission emphasizes their importance. All staff are trained in how to incorporate the Christian principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service into their YMCA work



Global Mission Opportunities & World Service

By Bjorn Dixon & Mary Tikalsky

More than just a gym, the YMCA is a global mission movement.   Learn about opportunities for your Y to pursue global mission, partner wit the local church, engage the Diversity, Inclusion, and global emphasis, and collaborate with YMCA World Service.


Facilitating Small Groups in Your Local YMCA

By Beth Ryan

This session will help you learn how to start a small group and will feature resources to execute groups in your local y. Featured resources in the following categories: Healthy Spirit, Mind, and Body, Leadership Health, parenting, and Financial Health.



The Danger of Mission Drift

By Bartholomew Reed

What if you suddenly found yourself adrift at sea – lost? Mission Drift within the YMCA can have a deep impact on your effectiveness.   This session will help prevent mission drift and refocus the mission of the YMCA within the communities you serve.


Transforming Your Y from the Inside Out

By Josh Humberger

Learn strategic and effective ways to gracefully share and serve Christ in your Y. Change starts from within!   Spiritual growth for your staff is essential to changing the Christian Emphasis in your Y as all staff begin to see their work as a ministry.



Organizational Leadership and Growth

By Ford Taylor

When you lead with purpose you stimulate growth and inspire success by building deep, trusting relationships. Ford will bring together the building blocks of transformation and show how to build teams that experience exponential growth and success.



Developing a FITT Faith

By Bartholomew Reed

Whether you knew it or not, there is a FITT recipe for effective healthy, impacting the benefits of what we do for exercise.   Our faith is the same – without FITT, our faith can become out of shape.



 An eclectic mix of short format videos and outtakes.