Welcome to the US Mission Network Resource Hub

This is a place of sharing both old and new resources around the historic mission of the YMCA and around the idea of “building healthy spirit, mind and body for all”.  Please take a look around and share with others.   Resources will be added monthly.

If you have something – an idea, a document, a video, a printed piece or anything else – that has proven to effective in helping advance the historic Christian mission of the YMCA or has helped moved people toward the deeper things of life, please let us know.


This short video covers the history of the YMCA from its birth in 1844 and it’s growth during its early years.  It also includes the actual audio of George Williams voice that was recorded in 1894 for a training institute in Springfield Massachusetts.

Here is an additional short video from the archives that was filmed over 15 years ago on how the YMCA can express the historic Christian Mission in are modern era.